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2008 Indicator Analysis

Année de donnees


Année de rapport


Gas, Coal, Tantalum, Mineral sands, Titanium
ITIE état


Rapport rédigé par   Boas and Associates

Rapport ITIE   Download PDF

Paiements de la société


Recettes du gouvernement


PIB, 2008
milliards de US$


Recettes publiques totales (% du PIB)


Reported EI Revenue
(% of Total Revenue)


CommodityEITI Production VolumesUnitsIndep. Source Production VolumesUnitsPrice from EITI ReportPer UnitIndep. Reference PricePer UnitTotal Company PaymentsTotal Gov't ReceiptsNotes
m33,037,000,000m3 1
mt37,700mt 1
$/mt133.23$/mt 3$255,948$04
kg110,000kg 1
Mineral sands
m31,500,000m3 1
Titanium (Ilemite and Rutile) and Zircon
mt335,427mt 1
2 According to the Directorate of Mines, Sasol Petroleum produced 104,519,839.7 GJ of natural gas and 695,938 Bbj of condensed gas in 2008. Independent production figures differ - according to the EIA, Mozambique produced 117 billion cubic meters.
4 Vale, the only reporting coal company, had not yet begun production.
5 Rio Tinto, the only reporting company mining "heavy sands" or "mineral sands" had not yet begun production in 2008. Figures differ from company data sheet because here profit taxes are reported separately from "surface tax", which is captured in the "other receipts" column.
6 Production figures are for Ilmenite and Rutile concentrates of Titanium (see USGS Mozambique 2008 Minerals Yearbook p.31.6). According to the Directorate of Mines, Kenmare Moma Mining produced 140,515.2 tons of Ilmenite, 26,346.6 tons of Zircon and 8,782.2 tons of Rutile in 2008.
   EITI report failed to provide this commodity-specific data.

Indicateurs de qualité des Rapport

1. Régularité

a) score.50 
b) total reports / implementing years1/2 

2. Rapidité de diffusion des informations

Lag between fiscal year of data and publication year.3 

3. Matérialité

Report clearly defines a materiality threshold.Oui Companies were required to report if relevant payments amounted to 1,500,000.00MT in 2008.

4. Fiabilité des données

Report contains audited data from:  
a) companiesNon  
b) governmentNon  

5. Couverture

Revenue data includes the following revenue streams:  
a) royaltiesOui  
b) taxesOui 
c) surface, rental or license feesOui 
d) bonusesNon  
e) state-owned enterprise (SOE) paymentsOui Includes payments made by Companhia Mocambicana de Hidrocarbentos, 70% owned by the national oil/gas company, 20% owned by the government, and 10% private. However, the national oil/gas company itself is not included.
f) Report covers all extractive sector companies.No Of the 23 extractive companies, only 6 (those in the production phase with organized accounting systems) received reporting templates. 6/6 reported.
g) Report states the price of any product received or sold by government.Non  
h) Report states the quantity of resources produced.Yes  

6. Écarts

Report contains:  
a) information on the cause of revenue discrepancies.Oui  
b) reconciled data following the correction of discrepancies.Non  

7. Flux de revenus des enterprises d’Etat

SOE Revenue Flow data is clearly explained in the report.Non Revenue flows of the national oil/gas company (Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos) are not included.

8. Désaggrégation

Report provides financial data on individual:  
a) companiesOui  
b) revenue streamsOui  
c) projectsNon Some information on individual products, but no project-by-project revenue data.
d) commoditiesNon Revenues by sector (gas or mining) only. Some disaggregation by commodity is possible where a company is the only producer of a certain mineral.

9. Compréhensibilité

Report contains:  
a) a summary with key findings and revenue totalsOui 
b) clear indication of what currencies and units of measurement are used Oui 
c) written explanation of key findings and recommendationsOui  
d) a clear definition of termsOui  

10. Accessibilité

Report is available:  
a) in at least one official languageOui  
b) on a government websiteOui 

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