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Data Year


Report Published Indicator Analysis


Uranium, Gold, Oil
Current EITI Status

Report Quality Analysis

Report Compiled by   Not Specified


Company Payments


Government Receipts


CommodityEITI Production VolumesUnitsIndep. Source Production VolumesUnitsPrice from EITI ReportPer UnitIndep. Reference PricePer UnitTotal Company PaymentsTotal Gov't ReceiptsNotes
mts3,434mts 1
kgs2,615kgs 1
$/kg21,376.02$/kg 1
$/mt64.54$/mt 2
$/bbl64.22$/bbl 2
   EITI report failed to provide this commodity-specific data.

Report Quality Indicators

1. Regularity

a) score0.20 
b) total reports / implementing years1/5 

2. Timeliness

Lag between fiscal year of data and publication year.3 

3. Materiality

Report clearly defines a materiality threshold.Yes All payments above 10 million FCFA are considered material and included in the report.

4. Data Reliability

Report contains audited data from:  
a) companiesNo  
b) governmentNo  

5. Coverage

Revenue data includes the following revenue streams:  
a) royaltiesYes  
b) taxesYes 
c) surface, rental or license feesYes 
d) bonusesNo  
e) state-owned enterprise (SOE) paymentsN/A Niger had no SOE in 2005-06.
f) Report covers all extractive sector companies.Yes 13/13 companies reported.
g) Report states the price of any product received or sold by government.No  
h) Report states the quantity of resources produced.No  

6. Discrepancies

Report contains:  
a) information on the cause of revenue discrepancies.Yes  
b) reconciled data following the correction of discrepancies.Yes  

7. SOE Revenue Flow

SOE Revenue Flow data is clearly explained in the report.No Niger had no SOE in 2005-06.

8. Disaggregation

Report provides financial data on individual:  
a) companiesYes Data for 11 companies is disaggregated. Other companies did not give permission to publish disaggregated data.
b) revenue streamsYes  
c) projectsNo  
d) commoditiesNo  

9. Comprehensibility

Report contains:  
a) a summary with key findings and revenue totalsNo 
b) clear indication of what currencies and units of measurement are used Yes 
c) written explanation of key findings and recommendationsYes  
d) a clear definition of termsYes  

10. Accessibility

Report is available:  
a) in at least one official languageYes  
b) on a government websiteYes 

Related Indicators

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Open Budget Survey, N/A 

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